Monday, January 14, 2013

version 6 beta

Good news regarding iVocalize version 6 -- we're now officially in beta status.

With the latest security threats against Java, now is a great time to try out version 6.   If you are a current subscriber of iVocalize and would like to get a version 6 room to use alongside your current v5 room, simply write to and we will get you set up.

The new version of iVocalize runs in the Google Chrome browser on Windows, Mac and Linux and Chrome OS (ChromeBook). Support for Firefox, Android and iOS is coming soon.

Version 6 is based on the latest HTML5 web standards, and does not require Java or Flash. Uploading a slide presentation and showing slides on the whiteboard works better than ever. Audio and Video quality are also greatly improved.

Important changes from version 5:
  • Runs in Google Chrome version 23 and later
  • The control panel is built into the room (see toolbar button for settings)
  • No passwords are stored in iVocalize. We use Mozilla Persona for login management. Users create their own password in Persona and sign into iVocalize using a verified email address
  • When a user enters your room for the first time, their email will automatically be added to the list of user accounts in your control panel
  • You may also import a CSV file into the control panel to add many accounts at one time
  • once an email is in your list of user accounts, you may change their privilege level from Guest to Member, Presenter, Moderator, Administrator or Block them
  • A new privilege level of Presenter is used to grant whiteboard access
  • Administrators now have control panel access to administer the room
  • Two people may speak at the same time (configurable in control panel)
  • A help file for the control panel is located here:
  • Additional help files are coming soon to cover all aspects of the software
  • recording is currently unavailable. Try using Camtasia for recording until we have this implemented
  • co-browsing is unavailable. Try using the Screencasting feature instead