Friday, March 1, 2013

iVocalize 6 release, price reductions and YouTube!

iVocalize 6 has been released and is now available for purchase at and in the Account Manager.

Prices for version 6 rooms have been reduced substantially from the version 5 prices.  To take advantage of the promotional pricing, sign into your Account Manager, add a version 6 room to your account, or try the free evaluation.

Note: Version 6 does not currently have a recording feature -- we are working on one now.  For Mac users, the QuickTime screen recorder built into OS X does a good job.  Windows users might try Camtasia for recording.

iVocalize 6 is based on the latest HTML5 web standards and does not require Java, Flash or any download.

Version 6 servers will be made available for purchase next month at similarly reduced prices.

Many customers have requested the ability to play movies and music in the room, and we're pleased to announce that a new YouTube video showing feature has been added.  Simply click the YouTube icon on the whiteboard toolbar and paste in the video/playlist ID or URL to show  your video to the room.

iVocalize 6 runs in Google Chrome version 25 and later.  Support for Firefox, Android and iOS is coming soon.

Looking for a secure, reliable and inexpensive computer that works great with iVocalize?  We recommend the $250 Chromebook available from