Friday, August 2, 2013

Firefox Support Released

We have just updated iVocalize to include support for Firefox version 22 and later on Windows, Mac and Linux.  Try it now!

Other enhancements:
  • improved video quality and packet loss tolerance
  • fixed recording problem when two people are speaking
  • fixed security warning with the screencast applet
  • added microphone level meter (chrome only)
  • added number of participants display
  • new control panel option to turn off the "online now" display of signed in users on the login page
  • reduced font size of user name display, allowing longer names to be shown
Firefox is expected to support real-time communications on Android and Firefox OS devices with the next Firefox release (version 23 or 24).

Note: Firefox's implementation of the new real-time communication standard is a work in progress, and is not as mature as Chrome's implementation.  Chrome is recommended over Firefox for the time being.

See the updated system requirements here.