Sunday, June 8, 2014

YouTube, PDF, Recording updates

The YouTube feature has been updated:

  • Videos now scale to full screen within the presentation area
  • The YouTube button now displays a history of the last 10 videos for easy switching between recent videos, enabling a DJ style of operation
  • Recorded webinars now correctly play back YouTube videos.  Due to content restrictions imposed by publishers, certain videos are viewable only when playing a video from a website and are not viewable when playing the recording locally.
  • Problems showing YouTube on mobile devices have been addressed.  Due to platform restrictions related to bandwidth usage, mobile device users must tap on a video to begin playback.  It is not possible to automatically begin YouTube playback on Android and iOS devices without the user's consent.
The PDF upload feature has been improved to display with more accurate formatting.

Recording preparation time has been shortened.  Recordings are now available for viewing approximately 1-2 seconds after recording ends.